No More Gun Violence Bracelet

Joan Hornig

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No More Gun Violence Bracelet

Joan Hornig Philanthropy is Beautiful® Jewelry has partnered with Shelley Zalis, founder of The Female Quotient, to create a “No More” unisex sterling silver and leather bracelet to raise funds to fight gun violence.

The collaboration stems from the unique combination of the power of Hornig's unique social enterprise jewelry model and Zalis' efforts to harness and cultivate the positive influence women in business bring to increasing successful and effective workplaces.

The "No More" bracelet is characterized by a boldly expressed 'No" shaped by combining silver bullets to form the letters.  The message is both personal and universal - "No More" tragedies.  "No More" gun violence. "No More" children and their families afraid of setting foot into schools. And, "No More" making it someone else's problem to address.